Virtual Appointments Now Available!

Virtual Appointments Now Available!

Virtual Appointments Now Available!Virtual Appointments Now Available!
Kay does"regular"births too! But she's just as comfortable with VBACs at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Kay Jackson, CNM, ARNP, Stacey Oberle (Office Goddess),

and student midwife Angie Hotz welcome you Off the Grid

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Off the Grid aids social distancing in times of illness by requesting only the pregnant person and partner (if well) come for needed in-person visits. We can customize your scheduled appointments so the ones that make sense are done via our VideoHealth platform CLICK HERE to be taken to the appointments page.


Your baby: Birth center or hospital.

Kay Jackson, Off the Grid's Certified Nurse Midwife (she's also a nurse practitioner with over 25 years specializing in women's health), provides individual care for every pregnancy and birth.

That means the midwife you've gotten to know at all those prenatal appointments is the one who greets you when you arrive in labor. 

Kay specializes in out-of-hospital birth at The Birthing Inn (Tacoma's only freestanding birth center) and hospital birth at St. Joseph's Medical Center. Her expertise includes water birth, hospital-based VBAC, facilitating your use of hypnosis, and postpartum support. 

If there's a concern while laboring at The Birthing Inn, Kay can admit you to St. Joe's and continue to be your midwife there, where she partners with local obstetricians if special help is needed.


And here for you after the baby comes...

Kay tailors after-baby care to your immediate needs, those that show themselves a couple of weeks later, and to your ongoing health in the weeks and months after that.

Because adding a new family member comes with unexpected challenges, she screens for the many common physical, intimacy, and postpartum mood issues that can emerge.

It seems natural to first address many of these with supplements, support, humor, and a hug. 

As a nurse practitioner, Kay can also help you decide when prescription medication is appropriate for any of the number of things that come up during or after a birth.

Women's Health

Taking the "scary" out of health care.

You don't have to be left without the kind of care you've come to expect Off the Grid after you've had your baby.

Kay has been a reproductive health specialist for over 25 years and is committed to making sure annual exams and evaluation of issues that arise during the year are taken care of in a relaxed and sensitive way.

You can take advantage of this kind of care throughout your lifetime. And tell your mom! She may want the same consideration as she navigates the second half of life.

No matter your age--whether you're putting off starting a family, having difficulty getting one started, or you've come to the end of that road--midwives are with you for a lifetime.

Off the Grid Midwifery & Women's Health

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Office: (253) 509-2960 Fax: (306) 400-2735 Or (360) 633-9146 to get REAL help from Stacey Oberle, Kay's uber competent Number One. You can leave a voicemail, too!


Always open when babies come.

We fit appointments in on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 10 am to 5 pm.

 And by special arrangement.

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