Care that Empowers Women...

This beautiful video was a gift from We're so grateful to Bethany for telling her story and to her videographer husband for sharing his talent with Off the Grid. We're proud she allowed us to take part in her wondrous birth.

...Words that Empower Midwives


We arrive at the hospital in labor. ER Doc examined me, said I was at a 9. Thinking I would be delivering in the ER (ugh) my AMAZING Midwife Kay was quickly there to re-examine and come to find out I was at a 4! Thank God! Happy to not be delivering in the ER. Went up to my room, made comfortable. Kay even rubbed my feet. :-) 4 hours later, my 8lb baby girl was born a beautiful natural childbirth. I really loved and so appreciated Kay's TLC . Thank God for Midwives! 


Thanks Kay and Tiffani! you guys provided wonderful pre-natal care and awesome labor and delivery support. It has been so refreshing to work with you and feel confident that you listen and answer our questions and concerns with all your knowledge and experience. We had hoped for a vaginal birth as our first choice option but ended up needing a C-section and you all were just super supportive and I am so glad you were our team! Thank you for being a part of the birth and delivery of our beautiful baby :-) Couldn't have done this without you and we look forward to working with you more in the future! Renee, Chris and bab


I sure wish I had Kay as my midwife during my own 3 births. Kay helped my sister deliver a beautiful baby girl yesterday, and I can honestly say, it was an honor to witness a calm and natural environment with her as the midwife. All women should be treated the way my sister was treated. She never provoked fear or intervention and my sister was able to achieve the birth of her dreams. Thank you Kay.


We switched providers in my third trimester when she wasn't on board with a vbac and a larger baby. But Kay Jackson my wonderful midwife was on board and I think just as excited as we were about our vbac! And our wonderful doula Erinn was wonderful support from the day I walked into Kay's office. ♡♡

Fun side note: 

Jamie had an 11 lb plus  baby in about six hours with no trouble at all. And this a VBAC when she'd previously been told her Cesarean was because her 10 pounder would never fit. Actually, I'm glad I didn't know from the beginning what a keeper this "little" guy was going to be. Talk to us sometime about why bigger second and third babies can come right out when their older sib didn't.                                            --Kay


Our birth was so fast we didn't get a chance to take photos! For the next baby then 😉 

Okay--we'll stop with the testimonials right now--you wouldn't want to see your midwives getting unsightly swolled heads ;-)


Thanks for being my partners in crime (or childbirth more like it?) a year ago tonight when we got me into labor and brought sweet Eleanor into the world! You two were amazing, kind, supportive. You gave me peace knowing that my body actually did work. 

Thank you for helping me have such a healing experience after such a traumatic delivery prior to being with the two of you. You are both amazing. 

Tiffani, I felt like I had a life long friend by my side and Kay.... you truly took the place of me not having my mom around to support me. You made me feel safe and protected and in the right hands. Thank you for advocating for me and for being family to me in this season of my life. I truly love you both!